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Let’s not be Afraid of the Truth

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

When I was a child, I was terrified of examinations. Well not the part of preparing and giving it , but the part about the results. I would work hard for the exam, and then absolutely bury the question papers after the deed was done. I wouldn’t check my answers, or calculate my scores and drag my feet before going see the results out there on the notice boards .

And as I grew up I realized that I was not alone. As humans we have this tendency to seek comfort. The truth is appealing only if it aligns with our belief systems, or is comfortable.   

Now I deal with data , metrics and insights in and out in my job. And as analysts, our goal is to surface the truth. And while every organization out there aspires to be data driven, there is this very common fear , the fear of truth if it is not in your favor.  What if the numbers do not show our work in good light ? What if this analysis proves that we were wrong all along ?

I see that denial manifested in so many parts of the world. And the most bold spectacle has played out in America over the last few days. The raging pandemic, the denial, the insurrection. And then more denial. 

The reality is, unless you confront the truth – it is impossible to make the change or move ahead.  An accurate current state assessment is key to reaching your desired future state. 

And the truth can be found in the unlikeliest of places. 

In the casual words of your customer. From the discovery of an Intern. In cold hearted numbers. 

We need the truth now more than ever, in times which seem more uncertain that ever.

Let the truth out, with kindness. Listen with an intention to understand and not always to respond.  And yes, let’s not be afraid of the Truth.

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