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Technology: Breaking barriers and changing lives!


The distinguished science fiction author, inventor and futurist Arthur C. Clarke once remarked – “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Indeed, we live in a world of scientific wizardry where technology has drastically shrunk differences and diffused boundaries. Never before in history had innovation offered so much to us, transforming our attitudes, lifestyles, relationships and in the process – taking complete control over our lives!.

Technology has transcended the precincts of labs, and pervaded our households, becoming an inseparable part of our existence. It has altered economic and political equations across countries, and rapidly expanded frontiers for growth and development.. The Google phenomenon brought a whole universe of knowledge to our fingertips, giving rise to a new information empowered generation and creating a new paradigm for both formal and informal Global collaborations.

In today’s world, individuals can express themselves and publish their thoughts through blog sites like BlogSpot, WordPress or Typepad. They can share their imaginations and ideas, form forums and build professional relationships using online communities like Facebook, Orkut and LinkedIn. In fact, a lot of NGOs and social service organizations operate by connecting with volunteers online, and build awareness about their cause using these benefits of technology.

The quick and efficient dissemination of information through the Internet has given birth to a new era of truly global partnerships. The perfect integration of hardware and software evolved a unique blend of self managed teams seamlessly encompassed within the entire organization as a whole. Teleconference and Telepresence technologies by companies like Cisco have brought an exclusive human touch to long distance communication, giving rise to efficient global partnerships. Desktop sharing applications like Netmeeting and WebEx now assist communication across all barriers and time zones. There is a greater scope for innovation as more and more people can be efficiently involved, giving rise to greater creativity and productivity. Also, there is lesser dependency on localized resources as the concepts of geographical distances now become completely redundant.

For any partnership to be successful, it is very essential for it to be scalable and flexible. The new generation of Cloud Computing now gives businesses the flexibility to run operations from any part of the world. The concept of “Build somewhere, use anywhere” is the new buzz in computing, where technologies like SaaS (Software as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) allow organizations to employ software and hardware on a pay-per-use basis, leveraged by the power of high speed Internet. So, there are no huge capital costs when companies get into new partnerships, setting the stage for a truly global culture. And then, of course are data mining, predictive analysis, virtualization and SOA that make the business equivalent of a “Crystal Ball”, and can be instrumental for any company in predicting its growth linked with that of its partner collaborations.

Summing it up – our growth has been phenomenal with endless opportunities and the role of technology in building this Global culture has been nothing short of magic!

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A Musical Evening


Have you ever had the uncanny sense of being intensely alone, even though you were amidst a huge crowd? Have you ever experienced the sudden joy of being all by yourself, disentangled from the myriad worries that cloud your mind and rule your existence? Have you ever felt a surge of adrenaline by the sheer energy of the music around you.. You succumb to the physical awareness of the sound, as it throbs in your veins and courses through your blood.. Feel at one with centuries and generations of culture, given as a wonderful gift from one human being to another?

It is indeed rare to experience such moments, and the spectacular performance by Shri Sachin Patwardhan and Shri CharuDutta Phadke this Sunday, 4th August, 2009 gave us an unexpected chance to feel such emotions.The classical performance by these talented artists was a remarkable example of how the intangible power of music can make a huge tangible difference in our lives! This event was organized at Bhubaneswar, under the aegis of SPIC MACAY Chapter of XIMB. Shri Sachin Patwardhan, disciple of Sarod Maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was at the Sarod and electric Mandolin, and Shri Fadkade performed with a Tabla.

The soothing ambience of the auditorium set the stage for the performance, as the artistes slowly built up the tempo, shaping up an entire universe of notes, rhythm and feelings with just the movement of strings! It was enchanting to see them synchronizing their performance seamlessly, communicating with each other only with their eyes and a smile. An impressive display of teamwork, it was an illustration of the power of music, which doesn’t need any language or words, and yet has a profound emotional influence on the listener. They concluded every piece with thrilling crescendo, answered with a resounding applause from the audience.

This vivid performance gave me inspiration for retrospection, and I began to wonder how we can relate to this beauty that I had just witnessed. What struck me was the rigorous melodious improvisation, requiring prodigious technique and knowledge, and delivered with mathematical precision. You could see everything created out of nothing, lifting your minds and spirits and providing your thoughts with both roots and wings. And even more amazing was the realization that these ragas have been handed down as traditions across centuries, and have remained pure and untouched in their sublime splendor through the years!.

As part of this impatient generation, we find ourselves constantly moving from one pursuit to another, and perpetually dissatisfied with whatever we have. This performance made me realize that there are greater pursuits than the worldly quests we are constantly engrossed in, and the ability of create magic out of thin air is indeed one of the noblest ones you could pursue!