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Globalization 2.0 ?


This is the IPL season, and cricket is in the air!

So, even though I’m no huge fan of cricket, I ended up watching this hugely successful Indian Premier League match in South Africa – a fiercely contested match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals in Durban, SA. Amidst the huge frenzy in a jam packed stadium full of enthusiastic cricket fans, every four or wicket attracted roaring applause… There was drama, suspense, enthusiasm and trepidation in the air. As the camera zoomed over the cheering spectators cheering for Rajasthan, something struck my mind. Most of the faces cheering for the Rajasthan Royals was that of foreigners, who would’nt even have seen a map of Rajasthan! Come, think of it – a West Indies skipper Chris Gayle representing an Indian city Kolkata is batting against Shane Warne, an Australian bowler representing Rajasthan in a match which is being cheered by South Africans, and the live stream beamed all over India. Indeed, this is symbolic of India’s coming of age in this era of globalization. This is Globalization 2.0!!

Compare and contrast this with Globalization 1.0.

Traditionally, India witnessed huge growth due to globalization and open markets during the last two decades. Basically, the leap was spurred due to the service based industries flourishing from business generated in Europe and the Americas. The booming BPO and the IT industry benefited from jobs being Bangalored, specifically due to the growth of the Internet and the subsequent “flattening” of the world. But essentially, we grew as service providers and not business generators. The IPL has just changed that!!

It has transformed the way the world looks at India, and generated millions in spending and revenue, even in the middle of a recession.It is indeed heartening to see that an idea conceptualized in India has metamorphosed the face of cricket forever. Generating a huge business not only in India but also in South Africa, the IPL has ignited enthusiasm even in the US, a country that traditionally never played cricket.

It is a huge branding exercise, with innovation and a fresh approach to the way sports is marketed. A heady concoction of Bollywood, Business, Cricket and Glamour has all been pre-packaged into an irresistible package called the Indian Premier League. Capturing the imagination of millions of spectators throughout the world, the IPL is a show of corporate power, with thorough professionalism and determination in the face of all odds. The T20 format has been exploited so efficiently, ensuring that every match is the edge-of-the-seat thriller with a nail biting finish!
The Indian in “IPL” is what makes it most special, making it a defining event in the history of Indian Business. Kudos to the revolution – Hail IPL!! 😀

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The Great Indian Election

ballot box

The Great Indian Election is here..

In this frenzied extravaganza which promises a lot of drama while it lasts, commitments are made, countless castles constructed in the air, and political marriages and breakups are the order of the day. It is interesting to observe the politicians battling to out-do and out-shout one another, and for once sweating it out under the sun. It is quite a spectacle to watch – their infinite talent in using vile and abusive insults, and the deft transformations from fire breathing dragons to paragons of virtue within minutes!! It is one time when we get to see our Ministers weather all odds, difficulties, threats and potential shoe-snipers to get their message across to the electorate. The mass media is in a tizzy, and every movement in the election battle is fervently analysed and furiously debated. Caste equations are laid out, and bar graphs are drawn.. Exit polls run everywhere, and there is an all important question in limelight – What does the Indian voter want?

All the attention and importance zooms on to the poor and unprivileged millions, who can now, for a brief moment, bask in their position of power. Millions are spent in campaigns to woo the voters who will decide India’s destiny for the next five years. It is the moment of reckoning for a government which will be formed – “By the People, Of the People and For the People”. It is a time of transition and uncertainty, when the fortune of the country is in charted by a “billion nameless votes” and politics is a hot topic of deliberation everywhere.

Mostly, I have noticed that whenever we have a discussion about the elections and the future of the country, almost all debates end on a pessimistic note. There is a general perception that the ones voted to the echelons of power will inevitably be corrupt and morally defunct. In a sense, sincere and committed individuals will never be able to win elections. Surely, the democratic process in India has a lot of flaws, and that’s the reason why we might never really choose the best candidates for the top posts. Yet, I wonder if such cynicism will really do us any good? I found this quote in today’s newspaper, echoing the same sentiments –
“We have a habit of complaining. It’s my habit too… But we avoid taking the initiative for a better future” – PRIYANKA GANDHI

Indeed, the Indian election is the most massive democratic exercise in the world, and the right to equality and franchise is a privilege which Indians dreamt of only seventy years ago!. Also, it’s not an understatement when I say that thousands of Indians laid down their lives for precisely this moment – to be able to choose the future of their country. The power to determine your own destiny is a very coveted prize, and we are lucky to have the fortune to use it… At least, the best we can do is be proactive and think positive.

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Life can’t wait!!


“Impatience is the new life!!”.
This tagline caught my attention, because it beautifully put into words the imperceptible buzz which now permeates the air for quite some time..We live in an era of great turmoil, in the midst of a recession. We see disturbing changes around us, and are restless to change things in our favour. We hate cutbacks and slowdowns.. We hate uncertainty, and the way it retards our growth. We want things to move fast, we want results quickly…We are an Impatient Generation.

Just look around and you will see the signs of this impatience.. We need to make the best of every moment, and we hate to wait.. We can’t sit and watch a cricket match for six hours, so the faster T20 format is our favourite…We are too impatient to blog, so we tweet, impatient to send mails so we IM.. We cant wait for one song to finish until we start listening to another.. We can’t stand slow queues so we book online.. ..There is a zero tolerance towards delays in retrieving information, and this characteristic is not just endemic to a certain age of people, but to a lifestyle..It is the DNA of an impatient generation!!.

We are also a generation which needs to be constantly occupied.. Either we work hard, or play harder!!… Our lives are enveloped by this constant static and white noise, so much that we get startled by silence..There is an underlying restlessness as we are constantly occupied with our lives, aims, ambitions, dreams, hopes and desires.. We are constantly wanting things, and either we struggle to get them, or move on to newer desires after we achieve the older ones.. We are constantly dissatisfied with what we have, and forever hungry to do more…

We are impatient not because of some hedonistic greed, but because we know that there is so much to know, and so little time.. So many things to choose from, but too little leisure to enjoy it, and because every moment, we get newer and enticing options and ideas, and we realise that we have only one life to live it all.. To sum it up, we are never ever completely satisfied with where we are!!..

I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad, but I do wonder how fast we can go on like this until we burn and frizzle out!..Should we now sometimes stop, look and introspect? Will it do us good if we try to understand the virtue of patience, and force ourselves to go slow? Will a deeper understanding and depth of perception lead us to contentment and bliss?

Perhaps it will, or maybe not. But a certain level of impatience is good. Impatience towards perpetuated wrongs, false commitments, callousness, carelessness, and bad governance can bring out the change that our nation so desperately needs. The social DNA of an entire generation has a huge potential energy, if properly harnessed can lead to a change-in-mindset Revolution. If we let our ambition spill out of our personal lives, and apply the rules to our surroundings then it can work wonders. Think over it!

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Time warp..


Caught in a time warp, tossed and turned by fickle fortune, our lives are an agglomeration of diverse factors. And amidst all this, time is steadily trickling away!..It was a realization of this which inspired me to pen down these words..

Yesterday today was tomorrow,
And strange are life’s ways,
With myriad transformations,
Of tomorrows into yesterdays!!

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Love, love and Love!!

At an age when I could not understand romantic love, I was totally intrigued by it.. I wondered that how could an emotion (which I do not understand) be so powerful and potent that its everywhere.. In movies, books, stories..Love was the forever “IN thing”!
Mired in these perplexing thoughts, an image conjured up in my mind – of a young boy thinking about his love..

And then, I did not have to frame the words, I did not need to set the rhymes.. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the words slowly fell into place, of this young boy and his imagination, a picture portraying the power of Love!!

Why is it, tell me why,
That my world is ruled by you..
The smile on your face,
A twinkle in your eyes,
The sound of your laughter,
The smallest emotion on your part,
Brings joy, light and love in my heart!

Why is it, tell me why,
That the faintest whispering breeze,
Reminds me of your smile,
Fills me with your thoughts,
Spreads your sweet fragrance..
The blossoms grin and smile and say..
“Who is she who fills your thoughts today??”

I think, but I don’t understand,
Why things have to be like this,
The flowers laugh when they see me this way..
The blossoms make fun of me..
The whispering wind just suppresses a grin..
I can hear you echo their laugh somewhere,
But someday,I know, you will really care…

– Written sometime in 1995

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Lyrical blues


What do you call someone who will instinctively rhyme true with blue, dude with rude, sun with pun..and blah blah blah .. a compulsive rhymeaholic? Well, that’s what I sometimes believe I am! Don’t believe it… then read ahead ;)…

It was my last day at Wipro, my previous company, and I was scratching my brains to come out with a politically correct and emotionally appropriate “Last day” mail.. Not that I dint feel sentimental enough, but I couldn’t come up with something just right.. Under such sticky situations, I have a safety latch.. My rhymeaholic tendencies came to the rescue, and then I took off!!
Here is a part of the text…

There comes a time to take your call,
With changes in your stride..
And today, for me I guess..
This moment has arrived..

When one flash can transform your life ..
Two years is eternity!!..
And I’m falling short of words to thank,
All of you who made me – ME!!

And at this precise moment.
I are’nt going to say much..
Just Friends, fellows, countrymen,
Please do keep in touch!!

OK, wait a minute..
I can hear you asking – where??
So just scroll down and take a look,
My mail ID is written right there 😉 !!


Afrozy Ara