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A Hundred Year Plan


A hundred years from now,
What would I be?

A whiff of wind blowing through someone’s hair
Or a tiny drop of tear tricking down a cheek
A speck of sand kissing wild waves of the sea
The bright red paint on a playground’s swing
A hundred years from now, in divine merriment
Returned to Earth, element for element..

A hundred years from now,
Where would I be?

Stored as digital crumbs in dusty archives
Faded photographs in an ancient album
Fragments in a distant stranger’s mind
The sliver of an idea fueling someone’s existence
A permutation of DNA that signifies an identity
Or trapped in some words written by me?

A hundred years from now,
Why should I care ?

So affected by daily intoxications
And captured in the shards of time..
Consumed in yesterdays and tomorrows
Powerless before unknown powers and designs..
A hundred years from now might be a good plan
To face Destiny – Man to Man!