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Love, love and Love!!

At an age when I could not understand romantic love, I was totally intrigued by it.. I wondered that how could an emotion (which I do not understand) be so powerful and potent that its everywhere.. In movies, books, stories..Love was the forever “IN thing”!
Mired in these perplexing thoughts, an image conjured up in my mind – of a young boy thinking about his love..

And then, I did not have to frame the words, I did not need to set the rhymes.. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the words slowly fell into place, of this young boy and his imagination, a picture portraying the power of Love!!

Why is it, tell me why,
That my world is ruled by you..
The smile on your face,
A twinkle in your eyes,
The sound of your laughter,
The smallest emotion on your part,
Brings joy, light and love in my heart!

Why is it, tell me why,
That the faintest whispering breeze,
Reminds me of your smile,
Fills me with your thoughts,
Spreads your sweet fragrance..
The blossoms grin and smile and say..
“Who is she who fills your thoughts today??”

I think, but I don’t understand,
Why things have to be like this,
The flowers laugh when they see me this way..
The blossoms make fun of me..
The whispering wind just suppresses a grin..
I can hear you echo their laugh somewhere,
But someday,I know, you will really care…

– Written sometime in 1995

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Lyrical blues


What do you call someone who will instinctively rhyme true with blue, dude with rude, sun with pun..and blah blah blah .. a compulsive rhymeaholic? Well, that’s what I sometimes believe I am! Don’t believe it… then read ahead ;)…

It was my last day at Wipro, my previous company, and I was scratching my brains to come out with a politically correct and emotionally appropriate “Last day” mail.. Not that I dint feel sentimental enough, but I couldn’t come up with something just right.. Under such sticky situations, I have a safety latch.. My rhymeaholic tendencies came to the rescue, and then I took off!!
Here is a part of the text…

There comes a time to take your call,
With changes in your stride..
And today, for me I guess..
This moment has arrived..

When one flash can transform your life ..
Two years is eternity!!..
And I’m falling short of words to thank,
All of you who made me – ME!!

And at this precise moment.
I are’nt going to say much..
Just Friends, fellows, countrymen,
Please do keep in touch!!

OK, wait a minute..
I can hear you asking – where??
So just scroll down and take a look,
My mail ID is written right there 😉 !!


Afrozy Ara

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High Five!!

five pic

Tossing and turning, in slumber extreme,
I had this mysterious intriguing dream,
Eleven men in a discussion intense,
NUMBERS, laughing at FIVE’s expense!!..

“Hey guys “, said one, above the exchange,
“This fella here, ain’t he strange ?
Quirky and odd, so stubborn within,
Put him somewhere, and he never fits in!”

“Aha, the imperfect irrational chap,
Multiply with him and you are in a trap,
And dividing by him will give you vertigo,
Save you end with his best friend – ZERO!”

Betwixt this furore, Mr. ZERO wise,
Observing the passions and tempers rise..
Slowly declared – “This is bizarre,
Isn’t it he the one who should be our star??”

“The Olympics’ rings that looks so fine,
They are FIVE, not FOUR or SIX or NINE..
Water, earth, wood, metal and fire,
FIVE encompasses all elements that you desire..”

“Gentlemen here, you might be surprised,
“Five by five” is perfection symbolized…
And what other proof do you want to see,
He is also a perfect Fibonacci?!”

“The PENTAGON – symmetric in stars and flowers,
The PENTIUM – a fifth generation computing power,
Oh, I can keep going on like this – I say…
Even Governments are chosen for a FIVE year stay!!”

And thus, with ZERO’s masterful stroke,
I stirred, my uneasy slumber broke..
Images faded, but a memory was cast,
Of FIVE flashing a brilliant smile at last!!!

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Ek chhoti si love story!

boy and girl

Mirja is a little good boy,
Always fascinated by a new toy..
Smart in work and slow in play,
But an expert in cricket, I can say!!

In office he is a busy bee..
All work and no fun, you see!..
And when he is in a bad mood…
He will go in a corner, sit and brood..

There is a little silly girl,
Big eyes, wide teeth, and a little curl..
A dreamer, she aims for the skies…
And Mirja is the apple of her eyes 🙂

This silly little girl is madly in love,
With the little good boy described above..
And to tell you, here comes the best part ..
Mirja also loves her with all his heart!!

Now this is something we have to see,
Will this ‘boy and girl’ happily-ever-after be??
Will their small li’l world be a heavenly place??
For more news and updates, watch this space!!

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There is a buzzing in my mind,

As I left my last birthday behind ..

Celebrations, cakes and birthday treats,

And I’m wondering – Oh, how time fleets!!


Friends, family and far away ..

So many wishes come your way..

Sending you luck, happiness and love,

And all the joys from the heav’n above!


And yet my little curious mind,

Will always disturbing questions find ..

And now I can hear it say,

What’s so special about your Birthday anyway??


What is it that we celebrate?

Is’nt this just a part of fate??!

Or do we relish to have lived so far,

And hope for the years that coming are?!!


And you know, what is worse,

I have questions but no answers…

So it’s something I need to figure out,

One more thing to think about?? !!


Well, I’ll need more birthdays to go,

Till I really understand why it is so !!

And till then, I’ll let all my birthdays be,

Beautiful moments in the sands of Eternity!!