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Ek chhoti si love story!

boy and girl

Mirja is a little good boy,
Always fascinated by a new toy..
Smart in work and slow in play,
But an expert in cricket, I can say!!

In office he is a busy bee..
All work and no fun, you see!..
And when he is in a bad mood…
He will go in a corner, sit and brood..

There is a little silly girl,
Big eyes, wide teeth, and a little curl..
A dreamer, she aims for the skies…
And Mirja is the apple of her eyes 🙂

This silly little girl is madly in love,
With the little good boy described above..
And to tell you, here comes the best part ..
Mirja also loves her with all his heart!!

Now this is something we have to see,
Will this ‘boy and girl’ happily-ever-after be??
Will their small li’l world be a heavenly place??
For more news and updates, watch this space!!