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Barricades and bombs



23 bombs in 24 hours..
The news kept flashing on all the news channels on TV, and while we watched, the numbers kept growing.. 15…. 20… 25 live bombs found in Surat.. 50.. 60..100 casualties in Ahmedabad..
Living rooms were inundated with heart wrenching scenes of children battling for their lives in hospitals. And amidst all this, a numbing sensation dawning on us that no place is safe anymore…All these explosions and attacks seemed to be stuff from movies.. Too unreal to be true.. And I was left wondering if this was some kind of cruel practical joke meant to insult our intelligence..
And it wasn’t really something new, or something that wasn’t heard of earlier. The whole chain of events had the same pattern, with bits and pieces different here and there.. The story, the location the description was different.. But the conclusion always remains the same.. We blame the government.. We blame the police, our limited resources, the Pakistani ISI.. There are countless debates and mud slinging matches on the television, in which the opposition and the government blame each other in a recursive loop.. Finally there is a statistic for the dead and the injured.. And the event fades from the public memory, until the next time the blasts happen again..
There are committees formed to investigate, forensic experts consulted to nail the accused… But do we do the most important thing … Do we get to the root cause of the problem. Are we able to ensure that this deadly criminal mindset of religious fanaticism is not perpetuated amongst us? Do we try to know and understand the reasons why this things need to happen at all?
60 bombs going off in 3 cities within 48 hours would need an infrastructure of at least 1000 people..Who are these faceless people.. Where do they come from.. What is their psyche? Do they do this for money, power, or just to gain a sadistic pleasure out of the destruction and mayhem.. Are they hired to do this, or is it a crime of purpose..Are they aliens, or are they misguided individuals amongst us? In a sovereign, democratic republic, why do they feel persecuted enough to kill innocent people.. What are they fighting against, what do they want, and what will they gain from this?.. These are the questions that loom large, and continue to persist from one incident to another.. And many perpetrators of these crimes are locals, so why do they feel no loyalty for place where they are born… And why they take to this path of mindless violence?
If these terrorists are intelligent enough to strategize and plan their attacks so efficiently, then they would also have a concrete reason and purpose. It is in our best interests to understand and destroy this purpose. If we annihilate a hundred of them, a thousand more will be born. We can find out and punish a few, but we need to change the conditions in which breed people of this mindset..We need to create a sense of security, belonging and loyalty in these people.
Should we not attempt to make changes at the grassroots level.. No one is born a terrorist – only situations, reasons, and misguided beliefs create one. A disgruntled child of today can emerge as a faceless terrorist tomorrow.. There should be a conscious effort from the administration to bring a positive mindset to these people and bring them into the general fold.. Occasional rants about the “other” religious fanaticism must go. Let them not be alienated from the outside world and get equal opportunity for growth..
And finally, you should believe in the ideology that human beings are essentially good in nature – and it takes an inhuman amount of treachery to hurt someone who is good to you.