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Friday Night!!

I am in the bus, on my way home from office. The road is choc-a-bloc with traffic, but that doesn’t bother me.  I am in a good mood. :).. It is Friday night and I am wondering how I would spend the next 60 hours of my life!.

Restaurants and night clubs are turning on their party lights. The long work week is over, and a 2 day carnival is going to begin. There is a “Happy Weekend” feeling  hanging in the air. Shopping malls have begun throwing in their discount deals. Dominos and Pizza hut are all racing to give you pizzas free, neck to neck with each other…

The weekend is finally here; a time boxed escape button from that infinitely running dreary program called work!.

A thousand heads stuck in the traffic along with me are thinking the same – How is this weekend going to be?


Maybe you will spend time with your loved ones, relishing the moments of well deserved relaxation after a hard week’s work..

Or wallow in the joy of watching your kid while she scribbles on the walls with the new crayon set you bought her ..

Take that midnight cycling adventure on Saturday night that your gang is so excited about..

Or manage to finish “Catch 22” after struggling to read it in stolen moments throughout the weekdays..

Get that stylish red cardigan you fell in love with, displayed on the window of a shop on your way to office

Perhaps watch the much talked about Sherlock Holmes movie in your favorite multiplex.

Maybe experiment how to cook the “Chicken in Cream Sauce” pasta that you watched on Master Chef Australia on Wednesday night.

Hit the gym in all vengeance after giving it up for like the 100th time..

Or rush out to get your last minute investments done just in time for tax returns..

Get that long awaited short fringe haircut to give you the stunning “Girl with the dragon tattoo” look..

Or just simply laze around in the comfort of your cozy nest…

Friday night is a time for thinking about infinite possibilities!.

What are yours??