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What do you Want?

In life we are always wanting things. The fat six figure salary.. a beach house facing the Indian ocean.. A perfect Greek Goddess figure!. Sometimes we get what we want. Many times we don’t.

Just now I had a realization, a sort of Eureka moment. And I just figured that in real life, you usually get things which you really REALLY want!.. Sometimes we have so many good-to-have lists in our minds, but it’s only when these wishes come center stage that life changes around you to make you achieve your wishes.

I have felt this. Many times there are certain things that I want only in my head. My brain says, these things are good to have (say X: The sexy job of a high flying consultant). But the heart wants something totally different( like Y: Settling in your happy sleepy hometown or getting to spend more time with your family). So while I keep telling myself that I want X, I subconsciously desire Y. And, something that I really want with my heart is what I unknowingly work for. And trust me, that’s what works!!

I am sending confusing signals to my brain, regretting not having got things that I never really wanted from my heart!

So how do I realize what are the things I really want? Get a shrink? Stick electrodes in my hair to monitor the brain waves?..

Actually, it need not be as complicated as that.

I mean, when you are in confusion, it’s good to list down what are the things that you feel are logically good to have, and what are the things that you emotionally desire. Probably both these things are very different, and that’s why you think that you want something, but you actually want something else!..

And then you can train your mind like a lab rat. 😛

Think how you can emotionally want to get the things that you logically want. Try to feel the emotions that would go through you when you achieve this. Imagine how your life would be if your “logical wants” became true. Can you picture yourself happy and contended there? If yes, then probably your heart can be tricked to make you really want what your brain wants.

Sounds convoluted? I know!!

But isn’t that exactly how we are: Convoluted confused needy and pathetic carbon based life forms!! 😉

Coming soon ( on the same insane lines! ):

What do you Need?

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