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College Days!



It’s 2 am in the morning and I don’t know why, I cannot sleep. And the weirdest thing is that I am thinking of my N.I.T Rourkela days.

I mean, they were not exactly the most prolific days of my life. When I look back then I can’t even relate the person I am now with the person I was in those days. So vulnerable, so naive, so foolish..

And yet, what a time it was!

A time when we were such half baked humans, easily cowed down with imagined demons,so easily shaken.. Always wanting to fit in with the crowd, so dependent on others for acceptance. They could have been the most useful and productive years of my life, but sadly never turned that way. There were so many self invented constraints, so many worries, so much of self doubt.

And it was a time that just flew!.. Like those years had been some fleeting magical numbers which rapidly vanished from my life’s timeline.

Was it all one big illusion in the grand scheme of things?.. One apparition, one mirage.. One excuse to make all the gullible mistakes in life.. One moment to fall in love, and pay forever for that momentary folly! :P..One time to be the stupidest person on earth and get away with it.. One time to dream the most impossible dreams without the faintest touch with reality.. One time of infinite thick headed optimism which told me that life would be heaven if you have got enough money to spend in your wallet and enough movies to watch in your hard drive. It was a time of happy illusions, where small ups made you so ecstatic and small downs so miserable. A time when my definition of career path was just some job that mints me more and more moolah . A time when money was scarce, but bliss from small accomplishments was huge.. we were so absurdly happy!.

Ok.. I’m rambling now.

The point is, what a time it was! And will a time like that ever come back?.

6 thoughts on “College Days!

  1. wow..i really loved it. transported me into that time zone again with your writing. i guess such times reccur..cuz if they dont, life itself looses its simplicity:-)

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