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Transitions ..


Have you ever felt the irrevocability of time, and how it steals away chunks of your life conspiring with this fickle fellow called “Change”?

Have you ever sensed you life in a state of flux, as you cling on to precious moments, wanting to prolong them as they steadily and gradually flee away?

Have you been daunted, yet thrilled with the prospect of changes – trapped in a rush of excitement smothered by a twinge of despair?

Have you ever looked back and traced your life as a maze of decision trees, and you yourself a result of all that you deemed, dreamt and desired?

Have you ever noticed how you create your own universe, and how it rearranges itself responding to your hopes, needs and aspirations?

Have you ever observed fuzzy lines blurring as you forge decisions, and something declaring in your mind – “The die is cast”! ?

Have you ever lived through the questions and agonies that transitions bring, and survived them to blossom in a new tomorrow?

Have you??

3 thoughts on “Transitions ..

  1. Interesting thoughts!.

    Yes, many of us do, to answer your question. I doubt if anyone has not ever experienced these transitions at one point or another.

  2. I was expecting this blog to come anytime.. yes, I agree.. It is difficult to live life consciously, without ever feeling the effect of transitions..
    you know what, the feeling of uncertainty from present to future, and the realization of the effect of transition from the past to present is what makes life a truly interesting and rewarding journey.. I guess having a total perception of these things makes us wiser 🙂

  3. Your posts always make me pause and think.
    Yes I have – often in the past but more so, after Arsh. There is something about being around kids that makes you more aware of you, as a person and the weight of every decision you make.
    Beautiful post as usual. You have a deep, inquisitive mind.

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