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Just a thought..

thought cloud

I like to feel my mind abuzz,
With thoughts filled to the brink…
And I can, at my leisure pick..
My favorite thought to think!!!

Its not anything I wish to achieve,
Nor any conclusion to make..
Its just sheer exhilaration,
“Thinking” for Thinking’s sake!!

My thoughts, they give me company..
When I am lonely or blue..
They speak of unspoken aspirations,
They weave me dreams anew!!..

And I never cease be amazed..
As I analyze their trend..
Of how they end with no beginning..
And have beginnings with no end!!!

One thought on “Just a thought..

  1. Beautiful.. bang on..I am really running short of words now!
    Well all I can say is that..If I would have had some literary or poetic talent , I would have loved to write something like this (on Thoughts I mean)

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