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Lyrical blues


What do you call someone who will instinctively rhyme true with blue, dude with rude, sun with pun..and blah blah blah .. a compulsive rhymeaholic? Well, that’s what I sometimes believe I am! Don’t believe it… then read ahead ;)…

It was my last day at Wipro, my previous company, and I was scratching my brains to come out with a politically correct and emotionally appropriate “Last day” mail.. Not that I dint feel sentimental enough, but I couldn’t come up with something just right.. Under such sticky situations, I have a safety latch.. My rhymeaholic tendencies came to the rescue, and then I took off!!
Here is a part of the text…

There comes a time to take your call,
With changes in your stride..
And today, for me I guess..
This moment has arrived..

When one flash can transform your life ..
Two years is eternity!!..
And I’m falling short of words to thank,
All of you who made me – ME!!

And at this precise moment.
I are’nt going to say much..
Just Friends, fellows, countrymen,
Please do keep in touch!!

OK, wait a minute..
I can hear you asking – where??
So just scroll down and take a look,
My mail ID is written right there 😉 !!


Afrozy Ara

One thought on “Lyrical blues

  1. Just tell me to how many satirical
    beings revolving around the spheres of the earth can u relate life to……….

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