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High Five!!

five pic

Tossing and turning, in slumber extreme,
I had this mysterious intriguing dream,
Eleven men in a discussion intense,
NUMBERS, laughing at FIVE’s expense!!..

“Hey guys “, said one, above the exchange,
“This fella here, ain’t he strange ?
Quirky and odd, so stubborn within,
Put him somewhere, and he never fits in!”

“Aha, the imperfect irrational chap,
Multiply with him and you are in a trap,
And dividing by him will give you vertigo,
Save you end with his best friend – ZERO!”

Betwixt this furore, Mr. ZERO wise,
Observing the passions and tempers rise..
Slowly declared – “This is bizarre,
Isn’t it he the one who should be our star??”

“The Olympics’ rings that looks so fine,
They are FIVE, not FOUR or SIX or NINE..
Water, earth, wood, metal and fire,
FIVE encompasses all elements that you desire..”

“Gentlemen here, you might be surprised,
“Five by five” is perfection symbolized…
And what other proof do you want to see,
He is also a perfect Fibonacci?!”

“The PENTAGON – symmetric in stars and flowers,
The PENTIUM – a fifth generation computing power,
Oh, I can keep going on like this – I say…
Even Governments are chosen for a FIVE year stay!!”

And thus, with ZERO’s masterful stroke,
I stirred, my uneasy slumber broke..
Images faded, but a memory was cast,
Of FIVE flashing a brilliant smile at last!!!

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