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I walk alone

walking alone

I am walking alone.. the streets stretch out in front of me, but I am not thinking where it goes…. I can feel the weight of my handbag on my shoulders , and the hard concrete streets beneath my feet.. I can hear the sounds of cars, auto rickshaws and motorbikes screaming past me.. there are sea of faces that I cross, every face with a different emotion written on it..Everyone is a hurry to go somewhere.. I can hear the sound of children playing on the streets, feel the scent of fresh grass as I walk on a grassy patch.. I sense the slow breeze..

Amidst all this, my mind is blank. I am not thinking anything, just trying to assimilate all that is going around me.. The sound of an aircraft makes me look above, and I see a dark bluish sky, slowly darkening with shades of grey.. I try to look beyond, and see how far my gaze will go, but on all sides, there are high-rise buildings, so that is the farthest I can see.. I see the houses lining the street, and it makes me wonder what would be the personalities of the people living in it…I see ladies strolling and taking a walk, deeply involved in animated discussions… I see people standing at the bus stops, waiting.. Still others walk on the streets, clutching their mobile phones and talking … And between all this, a silent observer, I walk alone..

I see the end of a day, and the beginning of another.. I see thousand people having lived one small chapter of their life today, and moving on to the next .. I see my day getting frozen in time, only to remain as a memory in my mind..
A thought flashes in my mind… So, this is how it feels to be alive.. This is how it is to sense the sights, sounds and smells of a thousand stories that happen around you.. This is LIFE!

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