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Random thots…


First things first.. and I ask myself.. why Blog??

This is the first question which came to my mind when I began writing this.. Hmm.. well.. To organize my thoughts, pen down what I think and capture it on some media.. To give a disciplined outlet to the millions and billions of ideas that keep buzzing inside my mind, until they slowly wander and fade away.. A way to understand how exactly I feel and think about the things that go on around me.. An attempt to be an informed observer, and not a silent spectator for events that affect my life.. Starting with all the small things happening in Bangalore.. the fuel shortages, power cuts, bad traffic, pollution etc etc.. And then, zooming out to the bigger picture. The Bangalore and Ahmedabad bomb blasts, the sudden fear of terrorists much closer home now, the Olympic games, the fiercely debated nuclear deal, the cash for vote scam, stock market.. In fact, all the bits and pieces of news that keep filtering out of newspapers and pervading our living rooms.. All things happening around which I have no control on.. Things that I do not like, but cannot change.. Things which I appreciate, but have no way to express..

Of course, there is so much of life which is beyond my control!.. Yet, amidst all this, there is one thing that I can change, and completely own.. And that one thing is my independent opinion..No one can steal or take it away from me.. So, in spite of being just a small speck in this eternity, I still have the power to think, express my opinion.. and that should be quite meaningful inspiration for me to Blog!! 😀


One thought on “Random thots…

  1. Even we don’t have the control over our lives.It is the one and only supreme power…our maker..the maker of this Earth..this universe who controls us ALL.

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