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There is a buzzing in my mind,

As I left my last birthday behind ..

Celebrations, cakes and birthday treats,

And I’m wondering – Oh, how time fleets!!

Friends, family and far away ..

So many wishes come your way..

Sending you luck, happiness and love,

And all the joys from the heav’n above!

And yet my little curious mind,

Will always disturbing questions find ..

And now I can hear it say,

What’s so special about your Birthday anyway??

What is it that we celebrate?

Is’nt this just a part of fate??!

Or do we relish to have lived so far,

And hope for the years that coming are?!!

And you know, what is worse,

I have questions but no answers…

So it’s something I need to figure out,

One more thing to think about?? !!

Well, I’ll need more birthdays to go,

Till I really understand why it is so !!

And till then, I’ll let all my birthdays be,

Beautiful moments in the sands of Eternity!!



Afrozy Ara

23rd June, 2007

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